Play Therapy

Play Therapy is to children as counselling is to adults. Children can find it very difficult to put their feelings into words but through the mode of play they can communicate their feelings and anxieties.

In non-directive play therapy, the child takes the lead. The therapist will provide different toys and materials that your child is free to use in whatever safe way they choose. The therapist provides an environment where the child is accepted no matter what (apart from harming themselves, the therapist or the toys). The therapist will provide a warm and friendly atmosphere and pay close attention to the play, reflecting some of the child’s feelings in a gentle and friendly way.

Are you concerned about your child ?

If you have worries about your child because they are experiencing difficulties with life, perhaps they are causing disruption at home, at school or perhaps they are withdrawn, sad and are reluctant or unable to explain why. Play therapy can help giving the child a safe space to play out their problems.

Who can I help?
I specialise in children age 3 – 11 who:

  • Have emotional or behavioural difficulties
  • Have experienced loss through bereavement, family breakdown or parent separation and divorce
  • Have been abused, neglected or traumatised
  • Are ill, disabled or who cope with parents or siblings who are disabled

More Information
This site contains information about my services, below are some picture of the Playroom. If you would like more information, please head to my contact page.